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Racquetball Court Layout

A racquetball court is always rectangular, it is 40 ft long, 20 ft wide, and 20 ft high. The court is marked with several red lines. These lines define the service and reception areas. The solid red line running the court's width and parallel to the front and back walls is called the short line. It is 20 ft from the back and front walls. Parallel to the short line is the service line just 15 ft from the front wall, or 5 ft in front of the short line. Between these two lines is the service zone. The 2 lines on either side of the service zone parallel to the side walls define the doubles box, where the partner stands during doubles while not serving. The recieving line is the dashed red line parallel to the short line. An area the server cannot enter until the ball has passed.

Here are a few images of a court and dimensions. Big thanks to photoshoptextures.com for making these images

Racquetball Court Dimensions Dimensions of a Racquetball Court



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