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Racquetball Serves

In racquetball your serve is probably the most important part of the game. Many people do not utilize all the different variety of serves, nor do they realize the importance of each. This page will explain the different serve possibilities and some advantages, and disadvantages of each.

Racquetball Serves

Drive Serve - Hit the ball low and fast so that after it passes the safety zone it hits the side wall approx 3 ft from the back wall this will cause your opponent to have to strecth for the ball. This serve can be done on the left or right wall, practice both.

Hard Z Drive - The ball hits the front wall then, a side wall. Passes behind you and hits the floor near the back wall. It then hits the opposite side wall before the back wall. The spin will cause the ball to run parallel to the back wall and almost imposible to hit. Once again this serve can be done to either side, practice both.

Hard Crack Jam - Hit this ball off the front at such an angle that it hits a side wall and then angles down towards the crack between the opposite side wall and the floor. The ball needs to hit right after the safety line. If done correctly the ball will usually die and roll out, or it will be a really akward angle for the reciever.

Half Lob - The goal is to hit the ball solid with your racquet aim about 6 ft high on the front wall, the ball should lob up, you want it to land behind the safety line, next to a side wall. On the bounce up, you want the ball to hit the side wall slightly and land in the back corner. The ball being so close to the wall, and the angle it comes off the wall at make hard to get a good solid hit on the ball.

Racquetball serve techniques

Learning how to swing the racquet is very important, first you want to hold the racquet like your shaking someone's hand. Wrap your four fingers around the grip spaced apart slightly, then wrap your thumb around at an angle. This will help you keep control of the racquet. Remember on the serve to keep your legs bent, and your shoulders should be square. While serving your wrist should be loose. The goal is to use your wrist in a snaping motion, and concentrate all of your body's energy on that snap. Perfecting your swing is something that is best learned through personal instruction, so that they can point out flaws and show you how to fix them.
For more detailed instruction on perfecting your swing check this site.




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