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Beginning Racquetball Racquets

When choosing a racquetball racquet for a beginning player, there are two important questions to ask: How long do I plan to play? and How much can I afford to spend?

If you don't plan to play racquetball for more than a couple times, you should really consider spending as little $$$ as possible (e.g. Wilson Xpress Racquetball Racquet). There's no sense in wasting money on a racquet you'll only use a few times. If you think you'll take up Racquetball as a hobby and will play more than a few times, then you might want to spend a little more for a little better quality racquet.


Wilson Xpress Racquetball Racquet
Wilson All Gear Racquetball Set
Our Price: $16.99

The Xpress™ Racquetball racquet from Wilson® provides power, durability and dependability. Great Price + Good Quality makes this racquetball racquet ideal for any beginner.
Our Price: $20.84

Everything you need for a great game of racquetball. Wilson's All-Gear racquetball set comes with a high-quality Titanium Dimension racquet that's as strong as it is light. Plus, Omni eyewear with anti-fog, Titanium racquetballs and a sporty carry bag to tote...
Head Ti.Demon Racquetball Racquet - New! 
Ektelon Power Ring Freak Racquetball Racquet 

Our Price: $19.99

You can line up a backhand or crush a forehand with the Head Ti.Rocket Racquetball Racquet. The titanium alloy construction promotes a light, durable racquet for optimal speed through the ball and a racquet that lasts for years of on-court enjoyment.

Our Price: $24.99

The 22-in Power Ring(r) Freak Racquetball Racquet from Ektelon is designed with an Aerolite Alloy composition. The Power Line(tm) has a reinforced beam with grooves on the inside surface of the racquet frame to increase frame strength while providing more power...




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